VFSS Songcircle Themes

let's put in

Here is a list of some topics we have explored in our fun and friendly themed songcircles.
Come out and sing with us sometime!

Trains & Transport

The Casualties of War
Scotland the Brave

Up Against It: Songs of Struggle and Rebellion
The Seven Deadly Sins & Seven Holy Virtues
The Sun, the Moon, & the Stars
Natural Elements: This Precious Planet
The Emigrant's Farewell: Songs of Leaving & Coming Home
Traditional Ballads
The Criminal Classes
The Maple Leaf Forever: Canadian Songs
Beyond the Veil: Messages from the Dearly Departed
Lies, Tall Tales, and Exaggerations
Who is That At My Window? Night-visiting Songs
Songs of Peace & Unity
Spirituals and Gospel
For Better or For Worse: Marriage and Other Bargains
Songs of Labour and Struggle
Women Coming Out on Top
Songs in Search of Myself
He Said, She Said: What Women & Men Say About Each Other
Angels and Devils
Money, Money, Money
On the Road Again: Songs of Travelling
Traditional Irish Songs
Our Relationships with Animals
April Foolish
Songs of Renewal
Love and All Its Consequences
Songs of Spring
Songs of Tolerance & Acceptance
Drinking and All Its Consequences
Songs that Brought Me to Folk Music
Songs of Historical Events
Cross-dressing and Other Disguises
Low-down, No-Account, and Just Plain Bad
The Great BC Song Challenge:
     Songs about BC or by BC songwriters
Songs of Friendship and Reunion
On the Shoulders of Giants: Honouring Favourite Songwriters
Pirates & Lovable Rogues
Songs of Prediction
Will Ye No Come Back Again: Songs from Scotland
The Gypsy Life
No Guitars Allowed
Short and Sweet: Trad in the Age of Twitter
How Can I Keep From Singing?
Women Who Write: Celebrating Female Songwriters
Love Gone Wrong
Songs from Sunny Lands
Parodies and Silly Songs
Salute to the Uke
Poetry to Song
A Way of Life: Labour Songs

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