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Singing at the Surrey Museum space exhibit.

Singing at the Surrey Museum
space exhibit, August, 2011

Crew for the Peggy Seeger concert
peggy seeger
Steve tries Peggys 1929 Martin guitar
Peggy Seeger with some of the
hard-working crew who put
the concert together

Peggy Seeger in Concert
April 13, 2011

Trying out Peggy's 1929 Martin
(with her permission), while she
listens in the background

peace march 2
Peace march
VFSS Peace Songs
show on CJSF radio
peace march 1
Peace march
the criminal classes
Promo for "Criminal Classes"

Criminal Classes songcircle

songs of struggle and rebellion
Promo for
"Up Against It"
Sun Moon Stars songcircle
Promo for "Sun, Moon, Stars"

criminal classes songcircle
Songcircle: "The Criminal Classes"
Seven Deadly Sins songcircle
Promo for "Seven Deadly Sins &
Seven Holy VIrtues" songcircle

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