Our VFSS members are a talented bunch. This page lists members' CDs 
and books along with information on where you can buy copies.
You can also come out to one of our regular events, where you may 
meet with the musicians in person and talk to them about a purchase.
(CDs & books are listed alphabetically by artist surname or band name.)

Mary Armitage: Second Chances
Forty-four years in the making, this debut CD features 16 of Mary Armitage's original songs, some of which are already being eagerly covered by other performers, as well as 2 traditional ballads featuring the unique accompaniment of the Caribbean steel drum or pan.
Michael Averill: I'd Rather Walk
Inspired by his late father's musical happenings with CBC Yukon and Peter Gzowski's show Morningside, in the 70s, Michael has literally been strolling through Canada, building community along the way. His latest project showcases his eclectic and instrumental versatility, ranging from edgy slide blues guitar to tranquil beach piano, all supported by soul-soothing vocals.
michael@michaelaverill.com or 604-224-2141
Jon Bartlett & Rika Ruebsaat: Now it's Called Princeton
A collection of verse and song tracing the history of Princeton and its several industries. All profits from this CD go to sustain the annual Princeton Traditional Music Festival.
Jon Bartlett & Rika Ruebsaat:
Our Singing Tradition Vol 1  Come to Me in Canada
A collection of Canadian traditional song from Alberta to Newfoundland, with several songs from the lumbering woods of eastern Canada.
Jon Bartlett & Rika Ruebsaat:
Our Singing Tradition Vol 2  The Young Man From Canada
Phil Thomas, one of the founders of the Society, was the major collector of BC traditional song. Jon and Rika worked with him for over thirty years, and Jon edited the second edition of his Songs of the Pacific Northwest. This CD is a selection of songs from Phil’s collection.
Jon Bartlett & Rika Ruebsaat:
Our Singing Tradition Vol 3  The Green Fields of Canada
A sampler of Canadian traditional song, from Newfoundland to BC.
Jon Bartlett & Rika Ruebsaat: Songs and Stories of Canada
In 1980-81, Jon and Rika made a series of radio shows for the western Canada schools broadcasts. Sixteen half-hour shows, organized around a variety of themes, and each containing five or so songs, were broadcast weekly. This CD-ROM contains all those shows (so 8 hours of radio) plus a 120 pp. book containing the songs (words and music), historical and social backgrounds to the songs, and class projects.
Jon Bartlett & Rika Ruebsaat: Soviet Princeton
Slim Evans and the 1932-33 Miners' Strike
The winter of 1932–33 saw Princeton divided. Charges of outside agitators and charges by mounted provincial police into picket lines of workers, Ku Klux Klan threats and a beating and cross–burning, the kidnapping of legendary labour organizer Slim Evans who was bundled onto the next train out of town – Princeton’s few thousand citizens saw much of the human drama of the Great Depression play out right in their own lives over the course of just a few months. PLEASE NOTE: this is not a CD.  
Jon Bartlett & Rika Ruebsaat: Dead Horse on the Tulameen
Settler Verse from BC's Similkameen Valley

This book reprints songs and verses drawn from the pages of the local Similkameen press, 1900-1945, together with historical essays and archival photographs, outlining the various industries (coal, gold, silver and copper mining, logging, and ranching) that have sustained the town. PLEASE NOTE: this is not a CD.

ErRatica: We Sail on a Notion
ErRatica is well know for its heavy mettle and four-part quarrel singing, playing original and traditional songs and tune, loved by its faithful audiences at Vancouver ceilidh dances, kitchen parties, weddings, and various features at folk clubs.
jslemon@telus.net or 604 873-2208
Fraser Union: BC Songbook

A record of life in this precious coastal land: from the significance of fishing, mining, trucking and log-salvaging, to the joy and beauty of the setting. This collection of traditional and contemporary songs of Canada 's west coast combines songs we have sung over a number of years with some that are newly added.
http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/FraserUnion or rogerildi@hotmail.com

Fraser Union: From There to Here
The title refers to geography and time: the songs on the CD span three centuries and move from the Scottish Highlands to Vancouver Island, tracing the  movement of peoples and events from the highland clearances to computer programming and globalization.
http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/FraserUnion or rogerildi@hotmail.com
  Fraser Union: Hello Stranger   
  Originally recorded in 1991 and released as a cassette tape, Hello, Stranger! was digitally re-mastered and released as a CD with far better sound quality in 2003. As with all of Fraser Union's repertoire, the contents of this album were chosen carefully over time, and include songs of Canadian history, logging, coal mining, working lives, and the heroics of everyday life.
http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/FraserUnion or rogerildi@hotmail.com
Fraser Union: This Old World
This Old World takes its title from a recent song written by Barry, but it is paired with a song that dates from the 17th century. It is an old world, and "The World Turned Upside Down" reminds us that our concerns today are not all that new. Many of the songs treat the subject of what most people do most of their waking lives: work. In addition, as with our previous recordings, the album has a decidedly Canadian bent - especially West Coast.
http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/FraserUnion or rogerildi@hotmail.com
Betty McBurney: Moon of Winter
Winter season instrumentals by VFSS member Betty McBurney on flute and Tony Chotem on guitar.
Theda Phoenix: Legacy
  Legacy contains 13 tracks reflecting a passionate celebration of life through acoustic, contemporary music and layered harmonies, exploring themes of love, nature and a thriving world.
Digital Purchase Site:  http://thedaphoenix.bandcamp.com
  Brian Robertson: Saltchuck Serenade
  A collection of original “songs of place” about life and times on the west coast where Brian was born and which has nourished him for most of his life. Features backup performances by great players such as Paul Gitlitz, Amy Stephen, Cam Wilson, Phil Belanger and Lee Oliphant.
  Chris Ronald: Timeline
  This John Ellis-produced album covers the folk/roots spectrum from stripped-down singer-songwriter to fully loaded Americana.
Promo video: http://youtu.be/SBOCXq34wMs
Jane Slemon: Breathing August
Jane’s music—centered on voice and a mixture of folk, swing and celtic—is a celebration of household items: fun with little kids, how to tease teenagers and the minutia that nourishes loving relationships.
 or 604-873-2208
Soft Focus: Favourite Things
Covers of pop favourites from the guitar/vocal duo.
Soft Focus: Tunes in a Paper Bag
An eclectic mix of folk, pop, and Broadway performed with vocals and guitar, ukulele, cello, and other instruments.
Peggy Stortz: Peggy Rose's Musical Storybook Vol 1
A delightful collection of original songs, stories and poems for children of all ages.
peggystortz@shaw.ca or 604-770-4103
Barry Truter: Bullfrog Sessions
  An album of primarily country blues and early jazz classics plus a couple of original tunes. Recorded in 1980 at Vancouver's Bullfrog Studios, and re-mastered in 2010, it features Barry on vocals and guitar.
barrytruter@yahoo.ca or 604-327-7811
  Barry Truter: Traveller
  Barry Truter's journeys are reflected in the musical style and diversity of this album of seven originals and seven carefully chosen covers supported by guest appearances from some outstanding musicians. Truter's lead vocals accompanied by guitar, octave mandolin and ukulele shine on the album's arrangements.
VFSS Shanty Crew: Blow the Man Down!

With 27 songs, 75 minutes of playing time, and a 32 pp. booklet on the history of the Tall Ships in BC’s Lower Mainland, this CD  is a great addition to any traditional folk music collection. The music and the images provide a vivid picture of what life would have been like for the sailors who plied the oceans in the days of sail.
The CD is available at any VFSS event or from cdbaby.com.

Leah Williams & Mark Dowding:
Turning of the Wheel
This collection of 14 of Leah's finest original songs tells compelling stories of life on Canada's west coast, the human cost of war, and the healing power of tradition and ceremony. Vocals and harmonies are by Leah, with multi-instrumental support by Mark, Tom Neville on violin, and producer Victor Smith on rhythm. Includes song lyrics and notes in an illustrated 16-page booklet.